TCA Skin Peel – Cost-Effective Way to Treat Acne

Acne, pimples, sunspots, age spots, wrinkles and other blemishes are skin conditions that plague people the world over. The global beauty industry already makes billions of dollars every year as women everywhere embark on quests to preserve (or achieve) a youthful, glowing appearance. Responding to this need, dermatologists, and other specialists continue to look for the best and safest possible treatments and formulations to combat skin ailments, the most common of which is acne.

Apart from the services offered at skin clinics, many creams, gels and ointments that claim to treat acne, diminish sun or age spots and enhance skin elasticity are widely available in the market. There are scrubs, cleansers, masks, over-the-counter skin medicine and skin peel formulations, all offered at various price ranges. Most can be bought at department stores or drugstores, but the fact is that very few of these so- called “miracle” products actually work. And the latest medical research has shown that what does work as a proven treatment for acne, are skin peels. Plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Leiberman explains: “Unlike other techniques, TCA skin peels get to the root of the problem with acne, resulting in tremendously effective results – leaving the patient with noticeably fresher, smoother skin and great texture…without the acne! “

The TCA peel, or trichloroacetic acid skin peel, is recommended by many doctors and skin specialists as it is a medium-strength treatment that is among the safest, most effective, as well as easiest to use. It sloughs off layers of dull dead skin that may cover up the source of acne. It also enhances the blood flow and circulation in the skin, promoting skin cell rejuvenation and the build up of skin-strengthening collagen and elastin.

Conventional skin peel treatments that involve suction-type dermabrasion can cause further damage, as it can bruise the skin and break some small blood vessels. Those who wish to treat their acne and other skin problems with TCA can control the strength of the treatment by starting off with a weak solution and gradually working their way up to more concentrated mixtures as needed.

TCA can be mixed with other previously prepared creams such as Obagi or applied directly. It is important to remember that TCA skin peels should not exceed more than 20 minutes on one’s skin. The time limit generally depends on the strength or concentration of the mixture and the type of skin. Because of the chemical content, doctors recommend applying a neutralizer, such as a simple mixture of baking soda and water, to calm and stabilize the skin after the TCA peel is applied. Users should wait about six months before applying another treatment.

TCA peels are great for treating acne and less expensive than clinic or spa-based treatments. Websites such as offer this effective product at a fraction of the price one would normally pay per session or treatment at salons and spas. The set offered by this particular website is priced at under $30.00 and includes one ounce of medical-grade 50%-concentrate TCA skin peel (good enough for about 30 treatments) as easy-to-follow instructions by a licensed practitioner. Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can do this treatment at home? Apart from the 50%-concentrate, many suppliers also offer as low as an 8%-concentrate TCA skin peel for users with more sensitive skin.

How to Find Natural Relief For Dry, Itchy Skin

People who suffer from dry, itchy skin can tell you that often the sensation becomes so bad it is almost overwhelming. You want to find a way to treat the itch but scratching dry itchy skin can often damage it and open you up to possible infection if you break the surface of the skin.

The experts say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is all well and good, but it does you no good once your skin has become dry and started to itch. If you know that there are times when you are more prone to dry skin, here are a few prevention ideas.

Make sure that you are using a non-drying cleanser. Soap can be very harsh. Also make sure that you are not allergic to the soap or cleanser. This can cause a low level itch that can really drive you up the wall. You may want to try increasing your fluid intake as well, since hydrated skin is less likely to become dry itchy skin.

There are a few medicinal herbs for skin that can help ease the discomfort of your dry skin. One of the most popular medicinal herbs for skin is oatmeal. Taking a colloidal oatmeal bath can moisturise dry itchy skin and ease your symptoms. Another is peppermint. Peppermint is no longer just for tea and for refreshing your feet. If you use a moisturizing cream that contains peppermint it can soothe you.

Aloe Vera is known as a relief for sunburns, but it can also be a good treatment for dry itchy skin. In fact it is one of the best medicinal herbs for skin that is available. Keep an aloe plant around your home. Split a leaf open and use the gel inside to moisturize your skin and get rid of dry skin.

Natural oils are also good ways to get rid of dry itchy skin. Consider using almond, avocado or olive oils on your skin. You can use them as a delivery system for other medicinal herbs for skin or use them as a stand-alone moisturizer. The richness of these oils can be an effective cure for dry itchy skin.

You don’t have to stand the discomfort of dry itchy skin. By using medicinal herbs for skin you can soothe and nourish your body and finally get the relief you have been craving.

Why Aren’t You Using Medicinal Herbs For Skin?

Everybody loves nature, and everyone loves beautiful skin, so why not combine the two elements? It has been done, making a variety of great herbal skin care products for you to choose from. Much research and time has been put into medicinal herbs for skin and making products to ensure your skin stays happy and healthy-the natural way. Sea kelp, clay and Vitamin C are ingredients you should look for in medicinal herbs for skin.

If you’ve experienced problems with your skin such as dryness, itchiness, cracking, wrinkling, scarring, acne, eczema, or flaking, there’s a natural and safe way to take care of most of these ailments. Medicinal herbs for skin have been found and bottled to bring you a beautiful answer to the skin that you have always wanted.

These herbs can include a plant known as Neem, which helps with things like acne and eczema, sandalwood, which helps bring softness and moisture back to the skin, black seed, which is known for helping scars disappear, basil, which kills bacteria in and on the skin, and yellow dock, which is known for assisting with all different types of skin ailments and disorders. These are all great medicinal herbs for skin.

A variety of herbal skin care products have been made. Infused with the best medicinal herbs and plants, these products will moisten the skin, soften it, help protect against harmful outside agents such as UV rays or pollution in the air, and will sometimes get rid of unsightly blemishes, warts, and even scars. Man-made materials, for the most part, have not tampered with these products, so they’re safe, natural, easy to use, and contain no harmful chemicals that will damage or dry out the skin. The only thing you’ve really got to be careful of is allergic reactions to some natural plants. Some people are allergic to some things, so check labels and ingredients before purchasing the herbal skin care products.

These products will do many things for your skin. Medicinal products will not only help heal damaged skin, but there are natural protection agents in lots of them that help to make sure your skin will stay the way it is. The products will naturally take a little time to begin working to visible results, but if you keep consistent while using them, you’re guaranteed results with the right product. Some products don’t work on everyone, so experiment and look around to find one that’s right for you.

Some products that claim to have medicinal herbal properties don’t, but there’s really only one way to discover the truth-try it out. If you don’t see results in a few weeks, start looking around for other solutions. Herbal skin care products can be the ticket to healthier skin for your body.

Mother Nature has been good to us, supplying us with almost every necessity of life. Food, drink, people and now beautiful herbal skin care products enable us to have beautiful skin and keep it that way.