Medicinal Herbs For Skin – Using the Power of Nature to Revitalize Your Skin

Millions of people are beginning to realize the many benefits of using medicinal herbs for skin. A lot of products are not powerful enough to treat nutritional, hormonal and chemical imbalances in the body that lead to acne, eczema, blackheads and other skin problems. The therapeutic effect herbs provide a complete treatment approach as well as advanced regime that boosts your immune system.

The Good Ingredients

Read the label of herbal skin care products carefully and determine the healthy ingredients that will keep your skin looking fresh and young. Sulfur as MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is a natural-occurring organic compound known for its good effects in maintaining normal keratin levels in skin, hair and nails.

Cell walls become more permeable which enhances circulation and regulation and production of insulin. Saw Palmetto is usually compared to Finasteride but provides little or no side effects. Receptor sites located on cell membranes that support DHT or dihydrotestosterone absorption are blocked reducing occurrence of hair loss or alopecia.

PABA or Para-aminobenzoic acid is a co-enzyme that forms part of the structure of folic acid which is vital for good skin and hair pigmentation. Intestinal bacteria are stimulated to produce folic acid which in effect breaks down proteins reducing hair graying, dermatitis and hair loss. Iodine is a trace mineral that helps regulate the production of thyroid hormone.

It can be converted to iodide and also prevents hair loss and dry hair by improving scalp condition. L-Methionine is an essential amino acid that contains sulfur which is helpful for growth and good metabolism. It is useful for muscle and hair production and is a building block of peptides and proteins. Methionine is regularly used by the body to create creatine.

More Contents to Seek

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that acts as a co-enzyme to metabolize fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It helps improve scalp condition. Inositol hexaphosphate is a potent antioxidant which is very useful in boosting lecithin production. Lecithin is needed for effective brain neurotransmitter action and inhibits free radical production and activity.

Abnormal cell division is also prevented such as in the case of skin cancer. Vitamin B5 or D-pantothenate is good for fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It improves scalp condition thereby reducing dandruff. The immune system is also enhanced. Omega-3 fish oil is good for overall skin health and condition.

The Wonder Herbs

Several medicinal herbs for skin are also available treating a variety of diseases. Neem reduces excess sugar content in the body which can lead to different skin problems. Neem can combine with skin cells and prevent virus spread. Neem is a known germicide and antihistamine. The herbal skin care product also contains gedunin and nimbidol which have fungicidal properties. Problems like warts, eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, acne and scabies can be treated.

Basil or tulsi has many beneficial medicinal effects on different systems in the body. Oriental medicine highly incorporates it in many concoctions. Basil is known for its antibacterial and blood purification effects. Sandalwood is an Indian herb with a unique fragrance. It adds luster and smoothness to the skin and removes rashes and blemishes.

Turmeric or haldi can treat skin disorders like infections, boils and wounds. Wild dandelion weed has several skin benefits and contains a lot of iron and calcium. The roots, leaves and flower can be used for a variety of therapeutic functions since these are high in vitamins and minerals.