Have a Clear Skin with Effective Pimple Treatments

Waking up in the morning with great big pimple on your forehead is a big disaster for many people. Especially teenagers who are really affected because this is the stage where in they are building their personality and making good impressions to people and earn that self esteem. 80 out of 100 people around the globe suffer from acne. Mostly get pimple in the age of 12-25, but ages 30 and up can also suffer from acne. Many of them struggle so much in dealing with their situation and also from finding a pimple treatment product that will work for them.

What is acne anyway? Acne is a skin condition that can cause one of the following whiteheads, blackheads, yellow or dark spots, greasy skin and of course scars. Acne is cause by the over production of oil or sebum by the sebaceous glands. Once dirt and excess oil joins together pimple comes out. Face, neck, chest and back are parts of the skin that are prone to acne because sebaceous glands are quite bigger and active in these areas. But we don’t have to pity ourselves because we can treat pimples and we can prevent them coming out before it gets worse.

Home treatments for pimples

Always keep your face and other prone areas clean at all times. Wash your face at least twice or thrice a day with a mild cleanser. Excessive washing though can aggravate the production of sebum and will take out the natural moisture of the skin making more breakouts avoid using harsh soaps and cleansers to avoid stripping out the essential oils.

There are plenty of over the counter pimple treatment products that you can buy in many drugstores that will be effective in your pimples. These products usually contain benzoyl peroxide that acts as antibacterial agents. It dries out the oil and skin, which will then promote shedding of the first layer of the skin. In this stage it makes it harder for the pores to be block and infection to occur. Peelind and redness of the skin occur when using Benzoyl peroxide but it will settle down after continuous use.

The treatment using these home treatments, the will be gradual development in the appearance of your skin. You will notice the changes after 2 to 3 months of continuous use, so don’t rush things up. If you have severe breakouts you can consider visiting a dermatologist to help you with your pimple problem. A dermatologist can prescribe you the right pimple treatment products more suitable to your skin type.

Topical gel are usually given to patients with severe acne which contains Azelaic acid as an alternative to benzoyl peroxide and it is a milder solution that prevents soreness of the skin. Medicines that are based on vitamin A are also popular in the treatment of pimples like Topical retinoids. It promotes peeling of the skin and it is rub once or twice a day depending on your pimples severity. It is applied in the skin together with an antibacterial lotion to control the peeling. These treatments should continue for about 6 months to totally treat your pimples.

Oral treatments are also very effective in the treatment of pimples. Oral antibiotic tablets are given to a patient with inflammatory acne. Tablets are taken for three months daily. However oral treatments cannot prevent pore blockage, so it is usually prescribed together with benzoyl peroxide.

Other contraceptive pills are prescribed to women with acne because it suppresses the activity of male hormones. Isotretinoin is a form of medicine called oral retinoid, it can also comes in a gel form that dries up pimples. It is usually prescribed to patients with severe acne that doesn’t seem to improve with milder preparations and with the supervision of a dermatologist. Though using Isotrtinoin have serious side effects such as depression and disorder of the liver. Pregnant women should not take Isotretinoin because it is very harmful to unborn children.

Pimple treatment requires patience, as it will take several months before you will see visible results. It is also very important that you are well informed about your situation to avoid wasting of time and money experimenting for the wrong pimple treatments products. Visit your dermatologist for the right treatment and stick with your medications.